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This page is our central source of information. The place to visit to stay up to date with everything we are working on and who we are working with.

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A new initiative between Kaiapoi businesses and the Kaiapoi Promotions Association (KPA) is poised to pour plenty of collective energy into promoting the region’s river town.

Destination Kaiapoi Collective’s (DKC) evolution came about after a catchy new jingle celebrating Kaiapoi first aired. Commissioned by local developer Jedd Pearce – of the PLC Group – it was a deliberate first stake in the ground that Kaiapoi is ready to take its marketing to the next level.

Unprecedented marketing unity for Kaiapoi businesses

Chairman of the KPA Martin Pinkham says DKC signifies an unprecedented unity and strong branding theme for Kaiapoi. Its mission is to embrace and help all the businesses who choose to be involved.

“I think the main thing is that it’s just a really great example of how a local community like Kaiapoi bands together and comes up with a solution that will work for us,” Mr Pinkham said. 

“And, the other thing is that people here are really proud of our river, and the concept of branding our town around the river seems to have struck a real chord with people.

“So, the new jingle focussing on the river – I think – was probably long overdue. We have underutilised it for a very long time.”

Cost-effective marketing

Mr Pinkham says that the collective branding within advertising will give local businesses cost-effective group advertising rates, which they would never have achieved on their own.

“I think it’s also important that there will be a consistent theme coming through the advertising. And, while an individual business obviously gets its spot, everyone is also promoting the town as a whole.”

‘Community-owned marketing agency’

KPA Business Manager Martyn Cook says the collective use of the jingle is already underway on a casual basis with some of the key local businesses taking part in one-off promotions. With the concept now tested and working they are looking for a core of 30-50 businesses to get on-board.

They are currently sourcing an administrator, who will work two days a week to handle the day-to-day business and media outlets. The advertising will target all marketing platforms.

“We will be generic branding Kaiapoi all the time and adding in promotions around events or our facilities to keep the content fresh and our audience engaged. An obvious example would be the Kaiapoi River Carnival.” Mr Cook said.

“We will be promoting those events into Christchurch and across the Waimakariri, Selwyn, and Hurunui regions using all the media platforms available to us. And, all the members of the collective will be able to get their names attached to those promotion strategies.

Our main target market is the day visitors out of Christchurch. And, many of them already love the place, so it shouldn’t be a hard to sell. It’s more about getting the word out and keeping it fresh.” 

Essentially, if you want to picture our business model – we are looking to build a community-owned marketing agency.”


What businesses can expect

Mr Cook said DKC offers its members the following:

  1. Inclusion in all marketing campaigns delivered and managed for the DKC by KPA at members only pricing.
  2. Access to the “Destination Kaiapoi” marketing collateral for stand-alone use at ‘member only’ rates.
  3. Access to any specials offered to the KPA by media outlets with the right to use DKC marketing collateral as a stand-alone promotion.
  4. A single contact point for the management of some, or all, of each members’ advertising.

“Everyone has been waiting to see what we come up with and the feedback has been great so far. The next step is implementation and that requires businesses to sign on.”

“I haven’t taken the time yet to see if any other business communities have done this before, but this kind of move wouldn’t usually include an organisation like ours.

So, once again, I think Kaiapoi may be leading the way.”


For more information, please visit the website 

or contact: Martyn Cook on cell: 021 0221 2627 or email:

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