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Community Wellbeing North Canterbury Trust

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Community Wellbeing North Canterbury Trust is a North Canterbury based Charitable Trust that provides support services to families and communities across the Waimakariri and Hurunui Districts.
Established in 1980s initially as the Kaiapoi Community Development Trust. In 1988 a group of local residents who recognised that there were disadvantaged people in the community employed a community worker, to help people to help themselves. Then the 1990s the Trust expanded its scope to include the Waimakariri, grew more services and became known as the Waimakariri District Community Development Trust.
In 2010 the Trust was renamed to Wellbeing North Canterbury Community Trust. The services that we have, now reflect a community response to the needs of local families, children and young people.
We have around 28 paid employees and over 100 dedicated volunteers on our team.
Our unique range of services aims to both build on the strengths and respond to the needs of our local area, to ensure that support is there for people when they need it.
Passion, Connection, Community
Our passionate Wellbeing team provides services to North Canterbury people to meet life’s challenges, so they can learn, connect and strengthen wellbeing in their lives and in the community.
We provide quality services that respond effectively to existing and emerging social and community needs.

Upcoming Events

  • The Kaiapoi Brand: Words to Action
    The Kaiapoi Brand: Words to Action
    Kaiapoi Promotions would like you to join them in the second of a series of business events to promote Kaiapoi as a visitor destination. This business breakfast takes place on Thursday November 14th.
  • November Mix n' Mingle
    Novembers Mix n' Mingle is being hosted by Community Wellbeing North Canterbury Trust on the 18th at 24 Sewell St, Kaiapoi.
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