KPA Breakfast Club

The KPA Breakfast Club is only open to current members of the KPA.  It does have a business focus and is proactive in building strong relationships within the businesses of Kaiapoi Township. It is not limited to just one of category but on a supportive fellowship ethos.

The KPA Breakfast ClubThe meetings are structured and run on several different formats as determined by the attendees. Timed to start at 7.00 am with a finish at 8.30 am. They are described as efficient, effective and fun.

Our meetings are flexible and can feature any of the following sections dependent membership requests.

  • A guest speaker giving a content rich no sales pitch informative presentation on a topic relevant to the membership.
  • Where regular members have the opportunity to present to the group with an allocated 10mins to discuss their business on a rational system.
  • Brainstorming - where a member has submitted an email around a matter or challenge that they are facing and wish to ask for comment or support from the membership of the breakfast club.
  • Kaiapoi Community focused updates of what is happening in the Kaiapoi Community.

The Breakfast Club will be returning soon. Check back soon.

Reservations for our meeting are essential and are members only.

Members have the opportunity to attend as many breakfast club meetings as they want and as often as they want, as it is open to all members and not category limited.

Please contact us to find out more.