The Kaiapoi Promotion Association sees its role as promoting Kaiapoi as a township that is a vibrant and prosperous place, which attracts people to visit, engage with the community and enjoy the many amazing attributes and attractions that are unique to a river town.

KPA collaboratively works alongside other neighbourly based associations within our Kaiapoi community, that are dedicated to supporting and showcasing Kaiapoi businesses and the wider community in a proactive and positive light.

KPA has its foundation based around the following:

The KPA Vision

To ensure that Kaiapoi and the wider Kaiapoi community is a strong, vibrant, and healthy community.

The KPA Mission

To effectively build, strengthen and enhance the present and future community of Kaiapoi.

The KPA Values

We will carry out our responsibilities by doing everything under the umbrella of our mission. 

The KPA philosophy benchmarks, are to lead by example within the Kaiapoi community by acting always with:

  1. Integrity
  2. Accountability
  3. Diligence
  4. Transparency
  5. Perseverance
  6. Respect
  7. Innovative Thinking
  8. Compassion